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Laboratory and Staff

Australian Gastro Pathology is located in Brisbane, Queensland and is outfitted with the latest histopathology laboratory equipment. Our team of specialist pathologists boast a vast knowledge and expertise in gastroenterology and surgical pathology and all hold fellowships with the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia and AHPRA registration.

The laboratory is operated and managed by highly skilled and experienced Australian Institute of Medical and Clinical Scientists accredited histotechnologists and medical scientists with many years of laboratory experience. The laboratory has access to an extensive range of special stains and immunohistochemical stains for the entire spectrum of clinically relevant tissue markers in gastroenterology. These include markers of tumour differentiation, lymphocytes, infectious agents, hormone receptors, and other new and emerging diagnostic tools and technology.

Quality Control Systems

Every phase of operations, from human resources to technical procedures has been researched and designed to optimize working conditions, maximize efficiency and ensure continued stringent quality standards. We have a dedicated quality control assurance team rigorously performing vital internal and external auditing and compliance testing to ensure patient safety is continuously monitored and reviewed as standard practice. 

The laboratory procedures and methods of analysis are independently assessed and accredited by National Accreditation and Testing Association (NATA) under the International Standard for Medical Laboratories – Requirements for quality and competence (ISO 15189:2012). To maintain the security, integrity and accuracy of our systems and patient pathology reports, Australian Gastro Pathology are involved in Industry Benchmarking Proficiency Testing as conducted by Royal College of Australasia of Pathologists Quality Assurance Program (RCPA QAP) and ensure patient best practice principles are applied and enforced.

Logistics and Supplies

Australian Gastro Pathology utilise a proprietary custom built pathology logistics program to enhance courier mapping and route management ensuring transparent tracking from point of specimen collection to the laboratory, secure data transmission while samples are in transit from their point of care, analytics for optimising routes, fleet management and maintenance, economy, collection bookings and delivery turnaround times.

Our courier fleet consist of trained professional drivers, committed to secure chain of custody protocols and timely transport of our pathology samples.  Our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking devices that allow us to monitor our fleet’s location and manage routes efficiently and deliver samples safely and securely to our laboratory. We provide Medicare approved pathology supplies.

Diagnostic Reporting

Australian Gastro Pathology offers unambiguous and conclusive structured diagnostic pathology reports. Routine specimens are reported within two business days upon receipt of the specimen in the laboratory. Clients are informed immediately upon diagnosis of critical cases, significant or unexpected results. Urgent cases are also reported immediately.

Flexible Reporting Solutions Files are encrypted during transmission for security (Australian Digital Health Agency compliance). To ensure timely and secure transmission of pathology results, we offer a variety of electronic delivery channels to best meet your needs. A client may choose to receive reports in any one or a combination of the following options: Online Results Viewer; Download in Patient Management Systems (Shexie, Genie, Medical Director, Best Practice, etc); Fax; Hospital Medical Records Fax; Secure E-mail and SMS to secure phone.

Path Rule

Tailor made reports – the way that you like it. Minimise disruption when our Pathologists are on leave. The rule provides information to our Pathologists about the way that you want your reports

Direct Communication with Doctors

Our pathologists encourage discussions with treating doctors, as we believe clinical collaboration, communication and consultation with the treating doctor build relationships of trust and ensure excellent diagnostic outcomes for our patients.

Expert Diagnostic Services

With 98 collective years experience gained domestically and internationally in medicine as well as specialising in pathology. Our highly regarded pathologists are enabled to consistently render precise and accurate diagnoses. This wealth of knowledge and experience gives our referring doctors and clinics confidence and assuredness .

Seamless Pathology Service

GastroPATH’s team of professionals is dedicated to consistently exceeding the service expectations of your practice. Personalised service is a proud hallmark of our Laboratory

Medicare Billing and Exclusive Elite Private Billing

Our billing personnel are both professional and certified. They work routinely working with Medicare and the major health funds to charge directly where possible, so as to minimise inconvenience to our patients for the additional exclusive pathology services.

Prompt Courier Service

You can count on reliable specimen pick-ups by our prompt and courteous couriers. All of our couriers receive training on the special handling of medical specimens.

Colour-Coded Report

You can rely on GastroPATH’s Colour-Coded Histopathology reports to rapidly bring to your attention the most important diagnoses.

Reports via Secure Messenging Service, Secure Website, Fax, or Hard Copy

We ensure the secure delivery of our pathology reports via the specific method of transmission that is preferred by your practice.

Rapid 48-72 Hour Turn Around Time

Here at GastroPATH we have state-of-the-art histology processing, along with a vast immunohistochemistry library with over 150 antibodies. The specialised staining and optimised staffing that we offer enable our pathologists to issue precise, accurate reports within 48-72 hours.