DOCTOR Education

27 Nov 2022

Mitchell Wan


My heritage is Papua New Guinean Chinese and I moved to Brisbane in 1979.I am not a Pathologist. However, I have a deep knowledge of the entire operations. Armed with this and our Pathologists, our long serving Management and Supervisor team, we can serve your patients better.

Throughout my work life, I have been comfortable working in the background. I work in the ‘engine room’ with the rest of my Laboratory, Office and Courier team.

My Management and Supervisor team have followed me from various laboratories that I have worked in. People follow good people, managers and leaders. I believe that if you are good to people, they will believe in you and follow you.

I am an innovative, laser focussed, fun loving, family man, with a work ethic that drives my team forward. I am a committed, genuine and generous person.

My Anatomical Pathology and Histopathology pedigree is as follows:

Born in the late 60’s – Loved every minute of being in LAE, PNG.

1980 – 1984
Went to CHURCHIE as a boarder in Strong House

1985 -1987
Went to QIT – Studied and Completed a Bachelor of Applied Science – Medical Laboratory Science degree

1988 -1999
Worked in the QML Histology Department under Dr Bruce Gutteridge

1999 – 2002
Worked as the Histology Department Head at QML Southport

2002 – 2007
Head hunted to set up IQ Pathology with 3 Pathologists in West End. Held the position of Laboratory Manager

2007 – 2011
Operations Manager Healthscope Pathology. Managed over 300 colleagues

2011 – present
Founder of InfinityPATH. My team and I are the innovative force behind InfinityPATH

InfinityPATH and I support a few charities. Namely Aussie Kidz Charity, Zoe’s Angels Charity, Dancing CEO which proudly supports domestic violence prevention.

As of October 2019, I have been married 28 years to my beautiful wife Selina. We have 3 boys; Kristian, Trenten and Lewis.

We are an Independent and Family owned business.

Since 2011, I continue to pick up specimens locally on Sundays.

Being my own business, I work long hours at work. My pressure release is my interest out of work. I love food and socialising with friends. I also love automobiles. (preferably bright coloured ones)